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Lennox Head

About Lennox Head

About Lennox Head

Lennox Head is a seaside village on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia, situated on the stunning stretch of coast between Byron Bay and Ballina in Summerland Coast NSW.

Lennox Head is a popular spot with great dining, shopping, swimming, fishing, surfing and just about everything else you can do in a coastal town.

The village has grown considerably in recent years and remains ever popular with beach-goers, sea-changers, and holiday-makers. The relaxed village atmosphere offers great restaurants, sidewalk cafes and shops.

(Lennox is frequently called and pronounced by locals as lenucks!)

Pat Morton lookout (at the headland) offers spectacular views of the village and of Seven Mile Beach extending up towards Broken Head and on to Byron Bay.

The town is also well known for its great surfing, windsurfing and kite sailing offering spectacular action. Lennox Head is also a National Surf Reserve.

Located on the northern edge of the village is Lake Ainsworth, a freshwater lake that has distinctive tannin-stained waters from the surrounding tea trees and is in stunning contrast with the white sands of Seven Mile Beach.

The headland, also known as Lennox Point, is popular with surfers, who come for the famous righthand break. Hang-gliders too are drawn to the headland to launch from its 65m cliff.

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About Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth is a truely magical place and a safe swimming location for families.


The water is spring fed but brown because it has be stained by the tea (ti) treas that grow along the banksis and is said to have health giving and rejuvenating properties.

Just behind the dunes along Seven Mile Beach, it is in stark contrast to the blue salty ocean and the golden sands separating the beach and lake.

Lake Ainsworth was named after James Ainsworth, son of one of the first European families to take up land in the region, settling in the region in 1847.

Great for picnicking, there are free electric BBQs and plenty of picnic tables under the shade of the tea trees.


Some are put off by the colour and think the water is dirty and muddy. It is sometimes funny to watch new visitors as they trepidly step over the shallow sandy bottom. Their face changes as they get in a little deeper and realise that the water is not dirty, but clean only stained that brown colour. Looks a little like coca-cola.


Lennox Head History

Lennox Head History

IMG 0066

Also located in the village is a Bora ring of some significance to the local Bundjalung Tribe.

History tells that Joseph Banks on Captain Cook's (then only a lieutenant) Endeavour noticed a group of aboriginals walking along Seven Mile Beach and from his diaries;

'... not one was once observed to stop and look toward the ship; they pursued their way in all appearance entirely unmoved by the neighbourhood of so remarkable an object as a ship must necessarily be to people who have never seen one.'

The presence of an Aboriginal ceremonial ring or 'bora' at the western end of the town suggests that the area played an important part in Aboriginal traditional life. The 'bora' is unusually large measuring over 30 metres across.

Lennox Head is part of the Bundjalung nation. According to Bundjalung Aboriginal Dreamtime, 3 brothers settled on what is now known as Seven Mile Beach and one of them, Yarbirri, produced a flow of fresh water by thrusting his spear into the sand. At low tide there is said to be a stain marking the spot from where the water flowed.

It has been estimated that around 4-500 Aborigines were living in the area prior to the arrival of European settlers. Unfortunately, this wasn't peaceful.

The name Lennox Head was originally given in 1828 to a headland further south where the Ballina Lighthouse now stands by Captain Rous of HMS Rainbow in honour of Charles, Duke of Lennox and Richmond who was a prominent figure in British politics in the early 19th century. He named the Richmond River and the headland to its north after his brother's friend, Charles Duke of Richmond and Duke of Lennox. The river has retained this name, however the headland further north from the river became known as Lennox Head, and retains this name today.

IMG 0323

The white settlement of North Creek began in 1842 when a small group of men moved across the Clarence and established a colony at Ballina and in the Upper North Creek area. Among the first in the Upper North Creek (Lennox Head) area were Stephen King, Thomas Ainsworth, Henry Williams and John Coleman. These men had been transported to NSW for the felonies of theft, and arrived in the area independently of each other. They were timber-getters and were seeking the giant cedar tress growing in the area. Cedar trees logged along North Creek were floated downstream to sawmills at Shaws Bay.

After the Robertson Land Bill was implemented in 1861 many farmers also moved to the area and selected land on North Creek. Some of the first to take up land were James Ainsworth, John Skennar, James Ross, James Hodgkinson and John Henderson.

All these men selected land that was near or fronted North Creek, because at that time, the creek provided the only access route to Ballina.

Other early settler families included the Kennedy, Williams, and Sharpe families. Many of these names will be very familiar to current residents of Lennox .

A stand of Norfolk Pines planted on this hill still stands today, and is a significant landmark. Four of the pines are believed to be over 120 years old - having been planted in the late 1800's by Albert Hodgkinson, son of James Hodgkinson, the first settler at Lennox Head (1866).

His father purchased the land for Albert in 1869 when Albert was 14 years old.

Others soon followed, timber getters, dairy farmers and growers of sugar cane.

The village proper of Lennox Head was gazetted in 1922 and much of the area was subdivided into blocks suitable for weekend and holiday accommodation. Lennox Head has continued to grow - from only 149 people in 1943 to over 6000 residents today.

A major attraction for the holiday settlement was Lake Ainsworth as it provided a safe swimming and recreation area for families.

This is still true today but with the extra attractions of the action sports of surfing, sailboarding, kitesailing and hang gliding. Of course there are many relaxing activities as well, from sipping a cafe latte in one of the many friendly cafes to early morning beach walking, whale and dolphin watching to just relaxing in a hammock and not worrying about the rest of the world.

Thankfully, the village has never become over developed due its proximity to Ballina which is the main shopping and service centre for the area.


Map of Lennox Head NSW

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Lennox Head Map

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Lennox Head Video



Lennox Head Weather Report

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